What’s (often) wrong with worship music

A friend of mine shared this with me, and I found it useful enough, at least as a minimum, for considering new songs to add into one’s repertoire.

[T]he fault lies partly with the worship leaders who choose drivel and, by force of personality and microphone, force the congregation to sing it; and, even more culpably, with the elders who say and do nothing about it, preferring a smorgasbord of new and catchy melodies to the weighty and substantial songs which will actually teach sound doctrine to those who love Jesus, and preach the gospel to those who don’t.

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2 thoughts on “What’s (often) wrong with worship music”

  1. I have mixed feelings since I’ve had great worship for 25 years…which makes me jaded to the positive I suppose.
    In general pastors don’t always have great musicality. It might be better to consult with other worship leaders as well for accountability.
    And we have to encourage worship leaders… They are, after all, mostly volunteers! God bless them! They can make or break a church!

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