The “why” behind worship

(Honestly, I didn’t mean for this post to be so distractingly link-happy.  The last link is the one you want.)

One of the best things we can do is learn from our forerunners.  I recently started stewing about how to create a worship leader discipleship program, and so you might have noticed some recent posts “tipping my hat” to various resources I’ve found online.  Hopefully I’ll grow those out more later.

Tonight I was looking up Youtube links for this coming Sunday’s worship setlist to give to my team, and I found this wonderfully beautiful rendition of Indelible Grace’s version of “Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken“:

Scrolling through the comments, I found a helpful Youtuber explaining what RUF was, that it was PCA-affiliated, and a few clicks later, landed on the RUF ministry at the University of Pittsburgh (my alma mater).  A few more clicks, I landed on City Reformed‘s website, and (finally — the point of this post) found their explanation and guiding principles behind worship.

Some days I just love where the Internet takes me.

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